Thursday, July 12, 2007


Candidate, and sad to say incumbent, Harold White printed this
MISLEADING AD in the News Herald delivered July 12, 2007. The only real truth in the ad are his buzz words.
ELDERLY-He is 70 years old and has trouble walking.
EDUCATION-Looks like his publicist needs to be educated. There are at least 4 incorrect spellings in this ad.
COMMUNITY-He has lived in the community since 1996.
GROWTH-We know that his campaign contributors, who are mostly developers, have seen their bank accounts grow tremendously after Harold betrayed his constituents and rezoned tons of property for them. Not to mention how the traffic will grow because of Harold. Just Riverwood alone will generate 4000 more cars on the roads that are already jammed packed.

HAROLD WHITE says that he donated money for these projects. WRONG!! Taxpayer money from our outrageous property tax paid for the Hermitage Community Center (Donelson doesn't have one), the Donelson Senior Citizen Center (in District 15), the storm ditch, the sidewalks (Mayor Purcell's project), the extension of the Stones River Greenway. It was Shain Dennison and her Metro Greenways staff that secured grants and used money from Metro Parks to pay for Stone Hall and Eversong cabin. All Harold did was accept the money for this district. He did nothing to acquire that. In fact in 2004 at a community meeting at the Hermitage Church of Christ, Harold White supported a developer's concept to tear down Stone Hall for a shopping center.

And what about money for Hickory Hills Elementary playground? There is no Hickory Hills Elementary Harold! It does not exist!! Shows how familiar you are with the educational system. Could you possibly mean the money your developer friends Chris Pardue and Odell Binkley promised Hermitage Elementary after you screwed the Hickory Hill Lane neighbors with Ravenwood and then the solid plastic and steel new playground, purchased by the PTO in honor of the motehr of your opponent, Rosemary Stanley mysteriously burned to the ground while an old wooden playground right next to it remained untouched? That was so fishy! Sounds like you and your friends created the crisis so you and your developers goons could come in and save the day with a little bit of their profits made from your rezoning deals.

All of the new traffic lights were purchased by developers because Metro Planning made it a requirement for your outrageous rezoning. Then Metro had to pay to rewiden the roads and cut down all of the old trees.

We are not buying your MISLEADING AD Harold! Do you think the citizens of Donelson and Hermitage are stupid? Your elderly neighbors and your community is ashamed of you. You are trying to take credit for money you never had and trying again to deceive the people.

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