Monday, July 30, 2007

Facts about Harold White that everyone should know

Some interesting facts.

Earlier in the summer, Harold White drove to the home of a local business owner and asked to put up a sign at his business. The man refused. White threatened him if he put up a sign for his opponent. White had his henchman threaten another local gas station owner to cause trouble if he did not remove a sign already put up by his opponent. The owner offered to put up a White sign. He was told this was not acceptable that White wanted the opponent's sign gone. It disappeared the next day. Sounds like Harold White is bullying people.

The two young ladies campaigning for Harold White at the Hermitage Library were actually paid staff that live in Mt. Juliet. They never even met Harold White before they answered his ad on Craigslist. They think he is a good man because he is a preacher. They don't even live in the county.

Mike Freeman, son of developer and campaign contributor Bill Freeman, was hired to produce White's website. His small company Digi-Graph was paid $6000 to put together White's website for two months. He has also been seen going door to door for Harold White. Sounds to me like Harold's developer friends are sucking the money right back out of his campaign as fast as they are pumping it in. Daddy and his developer friends pay White, then White pays them back with the contributions. Six thousand is rather steep for that website.

Harold White never paid the bill for his website for 2003

Harold White was heard during early voting yelling the words "Shit" and "Son of a Bitch". Great example for a preacher or someone who wants to be your councilman. This hardly comes as a surprise after he was heard using profanity on the council floor on more than one occasion.

Harold White was seen this week in a big white Cadillac driven by developer Bill Freeman. Do we smell a rat? Sounds like another secret meeting was in the works. Wonder who they will screw next?

Harold White owes a man in Donelson hundreds of dollars that he has not paid. The man let White's daughter rent a place from him and when she got months behind decided to evict her. White went to the man and promised to pay him for the back rent if he would allow her to stay. After Harold White didn't pay the man as he had promised, White's daughter was kicked out of the rental house. White has yet to pay the man as promised.

Harold White's campaign is being run by a firm in Dallas, Texas that has close ties to Freeman- Webb Investments.

Does anyone know the name of Harold White's treasurer? Why have all of his mailings not included that information? It is the law. Guess Harold White thinks he is above the law. More like, Harold White knows that the election laws have no teeth. Why follow the law if there is no consequence? That's the kind of man people want representing them-NOT!! Oh, we forgot -Harold White never had any intention of representing the people. He is the developer's boy.