Sunday, August 12, 2007

Calling Harold White-TAKE YOUR SIGNS DOWN

Calling Councilman Harold White, "TAKE YOUR CAMPAIGN SIGNS DOWN!!" It has been ten days since the election and your political campaign signs are still out there. The citizens have been forced to look at them since the spring. Leaving your signs up will not get you anymore votes, so please go pick them up and take them home or to the trash.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harold White is defeated by an overwhelming margin

Rest easy Donelson and Hermitage. Councilman Harold White, notorious for his many lies and lack of representation to his constituents, has been defeated in his bid for re-election by an overwhelming margin. The final count was 1530 for James Bruce Stanley and 758 for Harold White. The constituents of council district 14 sent Harold White a very clear message with the vote. They will have No More White Lies!!

Now let's see what White will do with any remaining money in his campaign war chest and if he actually remains a resident of the area or moves to a big expensive home far away. Stay tuned.

A Full Color Two-Sided Lie- Last Ditch Attempt to Deceive the People

Here it is-the last ditch effort to deceive the people of the 14th district with more of Harold White's lies. The first thing that we notice is Harold White in his clean shirt and pants pictured with a group of folks who have been hard at work cleaning up trash. Why is White not helping to clean up? Because he just showed up for the photo op. This group of neighbors behind Hermitage Hills Baptist Church has been plagued with crime and vandalism. As election time neared, White decided to get cozy with them. He also has a huge retail development being put in right behind their homes. If they think crime is bad now, just wait. White ran this same picture in the News Herald to try and deceive people that he was helping neighbors. This man is so anti-neighbor and anti-neighborhood that is not even funny. Let's hope these nice neighbors were not completely deceived. White should probably have stayed home and cleaned the junk from his own back yard. According to reports from his neighbors, they have called the Codes department about the mess several times. Strangely, Codes department never comes to investigate.
His true alliance is with his developer buddies pictured with the bulldozer. If Harold White is re-elected there will be nothing left green standing in the community except the developer's money. His allegiance is and allows has been for developers, not constituents. He stands up alongside developers, not the people of his district.
See White is cozy with the firefighters too because they gave him money. Sounds like one of his partners in crime Buck Dozier had something to do with that. Harold claims that he was once a fireman. Word on the street is it was a volunteer fire fighter job that lasted 6 months when he was young and he drank all of the time. What did White ever do for firefighters?
Harold White at a school assembly. Perhaps he is there taking credit for something else that he did not do. Would a teacher at the school please educate White about honesty and how to pronounce the word library? He continues to say Li-Berry and illustrate his ignorance.

The back of the mailer is a laundry list of MORE WHITE LIES! All of these so called donations came from taxpayer money in the form of discretionary funds that were meant for infrastructure. White and this Council used the funds to buy votes by giving to non-profits. It is all taxpayer money. Not a dime came from White. There is no donation here.
The situation with the Hermitage Elementary playground is still very fishy. It is not called Hermitage Hills Elementary as it is printed on the mailer. Guess that goes to show how familiar White is with that part of Hermitage. The all plastic and steel playground mysteriously burned one evening. Ironically, an old wooden playground right beside it was not touched, nor was a large plastic and steel playground put up by Metro Parks. The playground that burned had been built by the PTO in honor of longtime teacher Rosemary Stanley (mother of White's opponent in the 1999 and 2007 council elections). A heavy accelerant had to be used to start this fire. Many in the Hermitage Hills neighborhood believe that Harold White and his developer friends had something to do with starting the fire. If kids had been the culprits, they would have burned the wooden playground. It would have been very easy to get a fire started to that playground. Before word even reached the neighborhood, Odell Binkley was in the news raising money to replace it. Binkley and Chris Pardue chipped in with the money. Remember Pardue is the developer for the Villages of Riverwood that White rezoned for him against the wishes of 500 neighbors. Binkley wants the 280 acre farm behind Hermitage School. People believe that White and his developer friends had the playground equipment destroyed so that they could come to the rescue and save the day. They would be the heroes and protect the children and Mrs. Stanley's legacy. After screwing over the people of Hermitage with unwanted controversial rezonings, White and his developers were trying to get back into the good graces of the neighbors. No police investigation was ever conducted about the arson. White personally did not contribute a dime.
Developers gave the money for the Ruby Majors playground too. Odell Binkley made sure that his picture was in the News Herald sitting right on the front row of the dedication. This cash donation may actually have been in lieu of a required donation of land for a school.
Harold White claims to have also helped produce the Greenways Park on Stones River Road. In 2004, Harold White and Councilman-at-Large Buck Dozier sponsored a community meeting (1 day notice) where White was supporting a retail development at this site. He wanted to destroy the old Stone Hall and build a strip mall. Luckily that fell through. Metro Parks and Greenways staff made the greenways deal happen and preserved Stone Hall and Eversong Cabin. All Harold White did was sign his name to accept the money from the city because it was in his district. The new Stones River Bridge is in his district too. Before he tells you that he was responsible for that, be assured that he has nothing to do with it.
White is pictured here with Mayor Purcell. Another photo op. (Why does he have his arm around David Briley?) And White receiving an award for giving $40,000 of your tax dollars to the Senior Citizen Center and calling it a donation. What a farce!!
Harold White calls it progress. Developers call it cash. Constituents call it lack of representation. Harold White has lied before and he will again. I am not sure he knows how to do anything else. He has fought against neighbors, instead of for neighbors. He has betrayed his constituency and has tricked the elderly and the non educated into believing that because he is a pastor, he is a good person. Nothing could be further from the truth.
If White is elected, Lebanon Road from the bridge to the YMCA will become commercial. It will be another Gallatin Road. Hermitage will become another Antioch and Donelson will have so much trafic from the development of the 600 acres in the bend of the Stones River that the elderly will not be able to get to the senior citizen center. Traffic and schools will be even more over burdened. How about revitalizing the abandoned commercial spaces before he destroys any more homes or trees? What roads did he improve? Name more than one neighborhood watch that he worked with. All neighbors continually talk about is how he works against them and lies to them as he supports developer.
And as for drugs, there has been more drug activity in the 14th district in the past four years than ever before. Just last week, the undercover unit of the Metro Police were all over the yard and house on Bonnacreek Drive in Hermitage Hills. In the front yard sat a big yellow Harold White sign behind a new guard rail installed for them by White. That's not exactly what I call Progress.
Let's hope that on August 2nd the voters send him packing!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Facts about Harold White that everyone should know

Some interesting facts.

Earlier in the summer, Harold White drove to the home of a local business owner and asked to put up a sign at his business. The man refused. White threatened him if he put up a sign for his opponent. White had his henchman threaten another local gas station owner to cause trouble if he did not remove a sign already put up by his opponent. The owner offered to put up a White sign. He was told this was not acceptable that White wanted the opponent's sign gone. It disappeared the next day. Sounds like Harold White is bullying people.

The two young ladies campaigning for Harold White at the Hermitage Library were actually paid staff that live in Mt. Juliet. They never even met Harold White before they answered his ad on Craigslist. They think he is a good man because he is a preacher. They don't even live in the county.

Mike Freeman, son of developer and campaign contributor Bill Freeman, was hired to produce White's website. His small company Digi-Graph was paid $6000 to put together White's website for two months. He has also been seen going door to door for Harold White. Sounds to me like Harold's developer friends are sucking the money right back out of his campaign as fast as they are pumping it in. Daddy and his developer friends pay White, then White pays them back with the contributions. Six thousand is rather steep for that website.

Harold White never paid the bill for his website for 2003

Harold White was heard during early voting yelling the words "Shit" and "Son of a Bitch". Great example for a preacher or someone who wants to be your councilman. This hardly comes as a surprise after he was heard using profanity on the council floor on more than one occasion.

Harold White was seen this week in a big white Cadillac driven by developer Bill Freeman. Do we smell a rat? Sounds like another secret meeting was in the works. Wonder who they will screw next?

Harold White owes a man in Donelson hundreds of dollars that he has not paid. The man let White's daughter rent a place from him and when she got months behind decided to evict her. White went to the man and promised to pay him for the back rent if he would allow her to stay. After Harold White didn't pay the man as he had promised, White's daughter was kicked out of the rental house. White has yet to pay the man as promised.

Harold White's campaign is being run by a firm in Dallas, Texas that has close ties to Freeman- Webb Investments.

Does anyone know the name of Harold White's treasurer? Why have all of his mailings not included that information? It is the law. Guess Harold White thinks he is above the law. More like, Harold White knows that the election laws have no teeth. Why follow the law if there is no consequence? That's the kind of man people want representing them-NOT!! Oh, we forgot -Harold White never had any intention of representing the people. He is the developer's boy.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Councilman Harold White of Donelson has sold out his district to developers. Above is part 2 of 3 campaign finance disclosures that candidates must file during an election. The money that he wants to hide is yet to come in part 3.
If you will notice, not a single campaign contribution came from anyone who lives in Harold White's district. The Lo Jac address is in the district, but this man does not live at the quarry. Odell Binkley's relatives do not live in the county. Neither does Odell, but he is registered to vote at his office building on Central Pike. This owner of the Hermitage dump and half of Central Pike lives in Mt. Juliet. Hoyt Eakes lives in district 15 on a farm between the controversial Cumberland Yacht Marina (yet to be built) and Gaylord along the Cumberland River.
The most troubling contributions come from all of these developers, real estate agents and homebuilders groups. Harold White has just sold out his district to developers for an upcoming term that we hope he will not have an opportunity to participate in.
People who live in Stanford Estates, Cliffdale and along Benson Road better look out because many of these contributors can be directly tied to the Music City Celebration development proposed for the 600 acres in the bend of the Stones River that Harold White swore he would never approve (he has lied many times before). That article appeared in the Tennessean recently. This proposal includes hotels, amusement park, amphitheatre, time-shares, condos, marina and docks, etc.
The traffic generated by such a development would destroy Donelson and Hermitage. White does not care. He has tricked all of his elderly residents into thinking he is a good man who donates money to their senior center. They will not even be able to get to the senior center with the traffic that this project will generate. All of Donelson Pike on the east side will be rezoned commercial and life as you know it in Donelson will cease to exist. Will White remain in Donelson or will he mysteriously disappear into a nice expensive home somewhere else after his term on the council is finished?
The folks along Central Pike will be consumed by high rise medical builings. Residents in Hermitage Hills will have more traffic than they know what to do with when the 280 acre farm behind Hermitage Elementary is developed and all of the traffic is routed through their neighborhood. And folks along McCrory Creek will be flooded with more water and traffic.
Harold White is nothing more than a lobbyist for developers on the taxpayers dime. He sells his services to the highest bidder. On the streets similar jobs are found on Dickerson Road.
Harold White is a fraud and the sorriest excuse for a councilman that ever lived in Nashville. Let's hope that the voters of district 14 will go to the polls and vote him into unemployment. If they allow him to be re-elected they deserve what they get. If he wins the smart people will rent a UHAUL and get the heck out of the county while there is still room on the road to put their car.

Harold White is such a SELLOUT!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Men That Harold White Made Richer By Selling Out His Constituents

Here they are!! The men Harold White sold Hermitage constituents out for $2500-well that was over the table.
Eddie Phillips will make millions building the homes that he promises will be built one way, but if you have ever lived in a Phillips house you know otherwise.
Then there are Harold's buddies from Freeman-Webb Investments, Bill Freeman and Jimmy Webb. Stroud Merritt is also pictured. He sold Metro Greenways his property a year after the deal was done. Metro sold Phillips easement for an access into Phillips development.
Pictured left to right-Phillips, Freeman, Merritt, their lobbyist Harold White, Webb and Burns.
Why does Harold have a horseshoe in his hand? Maybe he is looking for more good luck with under the table kick-backs from developers. Notice their are no Ravenwood members here. They were the big losers in this RIP-OFF!


The story given to the public was that Ravenwood Country Club in Hermitage was in deep financial trouble. The club needed to sell off some of their land in order to pay their debt. The developer was going to build beautiful homes near the golf course and profits from the sale would save the club.

What really went down behind closed doors many are calling the Ravenwood Rip-Off! Eddie Phillips wanted the land for a development, but there was no access into the land without cutting through the golf course. So Bill Freeman, Jimmy Webb and Kent Burns of Freeman-Webb Investments (all donors to Harold White's 2003 election campaign)paid $487,000 for 90 acres of prime building land from Ravenwood Country Club. FWB owned the PineBrook Apartment complex on Hickory Hill Lane where White convinced the Planning Staff that they could gain access to the property. Harold White then rezoned the property for Freeman-Webb Investments in order to build houses and condos ignoring a petition over 600 residents next door who opposed the rezoning.

Freeman-Webb then sold just 60 acres of the land to Eddie Phillips for $1.9 million. Three men who gave $2500 to Harold White for his campaign just made a profit of $1.5 million.

Ravenwood is still in financial trouble and having trouble paying the bills. Sounds like a dirty deal to many including Ravenwood Club members. Either your board of directors is stupid or they just sold you out. Surely Ravenwood could have paid off their debt with an extra $1.5 million. Wonder what lovely gift Councilman White received from this deal? Harold White, the center of the RAVENWOOD RIP-OFF!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Man Who Owns The Dump Tries to Deceive Folks Too

Odell Binkley, who owns the Hermitage Dump (C&D Landfill) and much of the property on Central Pike where Harold White has his yellow signs, ran an ad in the News Herald on July 12, 2007 in an attempt to help Harold White to deceive the people. Once we check the financial disclosures for the election, we will probably discover that Odell Binkley gave his personal limit of $1000 and then used his businesses to donate more. Now he has taken out an ad with his own money and slipped around another campaign finance law.
Since Odell Binkley lives in Mt. Juliet, yet is registered to vote in Hermitage (a clear violation of the law), how would he be privy to all of this information? Binkley is one of the puppeteers who pulls the strings of Harold White (and probably lines his pockets as well).
Let's go down the list again... Donelson/Hermitage Senior Center Picnic Pavillion -$20,000 -(Metro Tax Dollars from Infrastructure Deficiency Funds and Binkley's cash donation for a tax write-off from his huge profits at the DUMP).
Hermitage Elementary School/Rosemary Stanley Playground equipment-$10,000 this money was promised Hermitage Elementary by Odell Binkley and Chris Pardue developer friends of Harold White (who are already raking in huge profits from White's rezonings for them) who had their picture published in the News Herald with Harold White for the check they were going to donate. The whole thing was just a little too convenient. Odell Binkley and Harold White continue to mention Rosemary Stanley's name. Rosemary, beloved teacher at Hermitage for 35 years (53 total years) is the mother of Bruce Stanley, former councilman who is running against White in the 2007 election.
Ruby Majors Elementary Playground (Jim Gotto's district) $5000-Odell and his developer friends also gave money for this playground. Developers are required by Metro Planning to donate either land for a school or cut a deal with the School Board for a donation in order to receive the rezoning. Odell sat right up front at the ribbon cutting and then submitted the picture to the News Herald to show the community how great he was. Harold White was no where to be seen.
Donelson/Hermitage Senior Center for the Arts-$40,000-Wonder why Councilman White never called constituents back to help them with problems concerning infrastructure? It is because he spent $40,000 of his $48,000 for infrastructure deficiencies on the Senior Center. This is a very worth cause, but knowing that the Senior Center just received a million dollar grant and that there are so many other problems in district 14- spending such a large sum appears to be an attempt to buy the senior vote.
The Hermitage -Roof Repair $7,500- More infrastructure money from taxpayers. I guess Harold White probably also climbed up and repaired the roof himself-YEAH RIGHT?
Eldon Ct- $30,000 for a storm ditch, walls, etc.- One of two neighbors who gave money to White for his 2003 campaign lives on Eldon Ct. Boy did he cash in!!
Traffic light at McCampbell and Stewarts Ferry- Actually Councilman Stanley secured that right before he left office. Harold White decided to take credit for it.
Traffic light at Central Pike and Dodson Chapel- Has Councilman White forgotten about signing the bill where he accepted money from the developer of the Villages of Riverwood Chris Pardue to pay for this light? Another requirement from Metro Planning in order to rezone 200 acres on two- lane Dodson Chapel Road for 2000 units. This one traffic light and that tiny turn lane will not help when 4000 cars are coming in and out of the Villages of Riverwood. Guess you didn't care about that did you Harold?
Traffic light at Donelson Pike and Lakeland- Required to be funded by developers after J.B.Loring went crazy and started rezoning commercial all of Donelson Pike on the District 15 side. If White is elected, all of the 14th District side will be commercial in the next four years.
Flood Control on Boulder Park- They are still mad at Harold for his rezoning for the McCrory Creek Office Park that they opposed and will dump tons of cut-through traffic down their streets.
Sidewalk installation on Bluebrick, Donelsonwood, and Lebanon Road- Donelsonwood Drive is a solitary road that dead ends behind Donelson Middle School. There is no traffic on this road and residents are upset and didn't want the sidewalks because they take so much of their yard and go nowhere. Bluebrick-the same. Lebanon Road-developers required to put in the sidewalks and TDOT. Not a Metro Road Harold.
Sewer and water project for Hermitage Hills-Where? Residents contacted knew nothing about it. Resident who supported Harold in 2003 did receive a nice new concrete ditch behind his home.
Neighborhood Watch in Baltics Heights- This group called the Baltic Bunch was already established and complained of rising crime ,vandalism and unreturned calls from Councilman White.
Greenways Park on Stones River Road- Secured as part of Metro Parks and Greenways by staff member Shain Dennison by writing numerous grants that were matched by Parks money. In 2004, Harold White supported a developer's concept to bulldoze the place and build a shopping mall as part of the original Ravenwood Project. After purchasing Stone Hall, Greenways then sold Eddie Phillips an easement through the side of the property not on the river to gain access to the Ravenwood Development. The Ravenwood development was rezoned by Harold White against a petition of 600 neighbors from Hermitage Hills and Stones River Estates.
As you can see, Harold White is a councilman who takes credit for other people's work in order to try and gain votes. He is the best person to represent Odell Binkley because Harold will do whatever Binkley asks him to do. All of the rest of the developers too. That's why developers say that "Harold White is the best councilman money can buy!"
Harold White-Right for Developers-Wrong for Constituents!!


Candidate, and sad to say incumbent, Harold White printed this
MISLEADING AD in the News Herald delivered July 12, 2007. The only real truth in the ad are his buzz words.
ELDERLY-He is 70 years old and has trouble walking.
EDUCATION-Looks like his publicist needs to be educated. There are at least 4 incorrect spellings in this ad.
COMMUNITY-He has lived in the community since 1996.
GROWTH-We know that his campaign contributors, who are mostly developers, have seen their bank accounts grow tremendously after Harold betrayed his constituents and rezoned tons of property for them. Not to mention how the traffic will grow because of Harold. Just Riverwood alone will generate 4000 more cars on the roads that are already jammed packed.

HAROLD WHITE says that he donated money for these projects. WRONG!! Taxpayer money from our outrageous property tax paid for the Hermitage Community Center (Donelson doesn't have one), the Donelson Senior Citizen Center (in District 15), the storm ditch, the sidewalks (Mayor Purcell's project), the extension of the Stones River Greenway. It was Shain Dennison and her Metro Greenways staff that secured grants and used money from Metro Parks to pay for Stone Hall and Eversong cabin. All Harold did was accept the money for this district. He did nothing to acquire that. In fact in 2004 at a community meeting at the Hermitage Church of Christ, Harold White supported a developer's concept to tear down Stone Hall for a shopping center.

And what about money for Hickory Hills Elementary playground? There is no Hickory Hills Elementary Harold! It does not exist!! Shows how familiar you are with the educational system. Could you possibly mean the money your developer friends Chris Pardue and Odell Binkley promised Hermitage Elementary after you screwed the Hickory Hill Lane neighbors with Ravenwood and then the solid plastic and steel new playground, purchased by the PTO in honor of the motehr of your opponent, Rosemary Stanley mysteriously burned to the ground while an old wooden playground right next to it remained untouched? That was so fishy! Sounds like you and your friends created the crisis so you and your developers goons could come in and save the day with a little bit of their profits made from your rezoning deals.

All of the new traffic lights were purchased by developers because Metro Planning made it a requirement for your outrageous rezoning. Then Metro had to pay to rewiden the roads and cut down all of the old trees.

We are not buying your MISLEADING AD Harold! Do you think the citizens of Donelson and Hermitage are stupid? Your elderly neighbors and your community is ashamed of you. You are trying to take credit for money you never had and trying again to deceive the people.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Why does a councilman who puts out 800 huge signs on Commercial property need to pay outsiders to campaign for him? This tells the voters that Harold White has put Donelson and Hermitage up for sale. A real candidate of the people doesn't need to do that. But then again Harold White has never been a man of the people. I suppose if the developers can buy the councilman they can surely buy his campaign workers.

If a campaign worker for Harold White comes to your door ask them where they live and how much they are getting paid. See if they tell you one of Harold's "WHITE LIES".

Here is another Craigslist post.

Looking for Intern for Councilman Campaign
Reply to:
comm-354813***@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-06-18, 1:29PM CDTWe are looking for an intern for Councilman Harold White. We are going to go door to door in the community and would love your help. If you are interested in learning about the political field, and want to gain experience in this area, this would be a great opportunity. We need people who are excited, personable, and willing to do some walking. There will be compensation. Your job will be to go door to door with a DVD player and inform the community on what Harold White is doing. You will also be given door hangars and flyers to give to people. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Location: Donelson/Hermitage
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interestsPostingID: 354813***

Saturday, June 23, 2007


The article below published in the Tennessean states that Candidate Harold White received $1000 from Gaylord's PAC. White never disclosed that money on his Campaign Financial Disclosure. Why not? Will White support Councilman's J.B. Loring's latest attempt to give Gaylord $80 million of taxpayer to build more hotel?
Read the article . Remember that White also received $500 from the Nashville Business Coalition to which Gaylord contributed $5000.

Paper: Tennessean, The (Nashville, TN)
Title: Gaylord PAC spreads $40,000 among 36 council candidates
Date: August 1, 2003
Section: LocalPage: 1B
Gifts, extension of tax break coincidental, spokesman says
By ANNE PAINE Staff Writer
Gaylord Entertainment Co.'s political action committee has donated at least $40,000 to dozens of candidates in Thursday's Metro election - months before a 10-year-old property tax break for the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center is set to expire.The Metro Council would have to approve any renewal of the deal, although top Metro officials say Gaylord has made no overtures that it intends to ask for a renewal.The councilman who represents the Opyland area, J.B. Loring, received $2,500, the largest contribution among the 36 recipients, but he said Gaylord has indicated that it will not request an extension.

Anne Paine covers Metro government. Reach her at or by calling 259-8071.
PAC gave candidates $40,000 since April
As of this month, the Gaylord Entertainment PAC had declared about $40,000 in contributions to candidates in the Metro elections since April.The next statement of donations is not due until well after the Aug. 7 election.
Included so far were:$2,500 to District 15 incumbent J.B. Loring$1,500 to District 6 candidate Mike Jameson.
Receiving $1,000 contributions were:At large candidates Trey Rochford, David Briley, Adam Dread, Buck Dozier and Diane Neighbors
Here are district council candidates who received $1,000:Murphy Gill, District 4 Lawrence Hall, District 5 Erik Cole, District 7 Jason Hart, District 8 Jim Gotto, District 12 Tony Derryberry, District 13 Harold White, District 14, and Ludye Wallace, District 19 Jerry Maynard, District 21 Eric Crafton, District 22 Chris Whitson, District 23 Greg Adkins, District 26 Jason Alexander, District 28 Michael Kerstetter, District 30 Lynn Williams, District 34 and Charlie Tygard, District 35.
Receiving $500 contributions were: at large candidate Roy Dale and district candidates Brenda Gilmore, District 1 Walter Hunt, District 3 Amanda McClendon, District 16 Ronnie Greer, District 17 Ginger Hausser, District 18 Billy Walls, District 20 John Summers, District 24 Karen Johnson, District 29 and Tommy Bradley, District 33.
District 31 candidate Parker Toler reported receiving $1,000, but the contribution did not appear on the Gaylord PAC disclosure form filed at the Davidson County Election Commission.
District 30 candidate B.J. Brown received $250, the report showed,Mayor Bill Purcell's campaign received a total of $900 in "in-kind" contributions, which were expenses for a fund-raiser in April at the Wildhorse Saloon.
Gaylord gave an additional $5,000 to the Nashville Business Coalition, which has contributed to several races.
Author: ANNE PAINESection: LocalPage: 1BCopyright (c) The Tennessean. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of Gannett Co., Inc. by NewsBank, inc.


The money trail for political favors continues with Bill Freeman ($1000), Jimmy Webb ($1000) and Kent Burns ($500) of Freeman-Webb Investments (FWB). They purchased 90 acres from Ravenwood Country Club in Hermitage. They wanted White to rezone it for them. There was no access road into the 90 acres, so they offered to run a road through the FWB owned PineBrook Apartments (formerly Ravenwood Apartments). That would put all of the traffic onto Hickory Hill Lane and into Hermitage Hills and Stones River Estates. These roads, especially Hickory Hill Lane, already had heavy traffic problems with cars cutting through.
White held secret meetings about the Ravenwood project in the home of one neighbor. White told the press and the Council that he had held several community meetings. This of course was NOT TRUE. When the neighbors of the area found out about the project and the secret meetings they were furious. They asked the Donelson Hermitage Neighborhood Association to hold a community meeting. White and the developers refused to attend.
At the public hearing for the project at the Metro Council, Freeman -Webb brought in a bus full of residents from Pine Brook Apartments to raise their hand in favor of the rezoning. Many of them could not even speak English. The area neighbor who had hosted the secret meetings was the only homeowner who spoke in favor of the project. Many area neighbors spoke in opposition and then presented a petition of over 600 names from their neighborhood in opposition. Councilman White blew them off and ignored their pleas. Several members of the Council were very upset with White and requested that he hold a community meeting before third reading.
White held the community meeting at a church in Donelson in a crowded basement instead of in Hermitage at a public building. The neighbors had to stand up in the back of the room because all of the chairs had been taken by developers and members of Ravenwood who did not live in Hermitage. Councilman White sat in the back of the room and did not say a word. The lawyer Tom White had control of the entire meeting. Neighbors did not have their questions answered and left frustrated.
White rezoned 90 acres on behalf of Freeman Webb Investments and ignored a petition of over 600 of his constituents. See what $2500 will get you if want Harold White to rezone something for you. Harold White sold his constituents off cheap.
Neighbors still wonder if there was a secret reward for Councilman White like the secret meetings that he held? What about the campaign promise "to vote with the majority of property owners effected by any decision"? Did White forget again or was Ravenwood just another BIG WHITE LIE?


A recent trip to the internet finds a posting on Craigslist looking for workers to go door to door campaigning for the Re-election of Harold White. It says "WE" will provide you with a portable DVD player to use. Sounds like developers are willing to invest big money and hire people who do not live in the 14th District to campaign for his re-election. Are there not a multitude of well satisfied constituents who will campaign for White? Guess not.

This is a copy of the actual post on Look who posted- Mike Freeman. Hmmm? As in Freeman Webb Investments that White rezoned the Ravenwood property for against a petition of over 600 neighbors.

If one of these workers comes to your door and tells you that he is a neighbor supporting Harold White, be careful. It may just be another WHITE LIE.

Volunteers needed for political campaign

Reply to:
Date: 2007-06-18, 1:43PM CDT

We are looking for volunteers for an upcoming councilman race. Councilman Harold White, of District 14 is in need of help going door to door. We will provide you with a portable DVD player, as well as some literature to hand out to the community. If you are interested, contact Mike Freeman at 615.***.9290.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. -Mike
Location: Nashville (donelson/hermitage)

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 354827***

Friday, June 22, 2007


Councilman Harold White attempted to grant another campaign favor for Johnny Harwell from Hermitage. Harwell lives in district 12, but owns the property for Two Rivers Ford, their body shop, and the Plantation House restaurant in Donelson. Harwell had purchased the first home on Benson Road in Donelson and wanted White to rezone it Commercial for him.

Benson Road is a quiet dead-end street that overlooks the river. The neighbors who lived on Benson Road became furious when the rezoning sign was posted. They were strongly against any commercial encroachment into their neighborhood.

Harwell wanted to tear down the house, pave the lot, put up a huge fence and bright security lights. He wanted to store cars there from the body shop.

The neighbors held a meeting and invited their councilman Harold White. They expressed their opposition and asked White to represent their wishes as he had promised to do in his campaign letters. Councilman White told them that he was in favor of this lot being rezoned commercial. He told the neighbors that Harwell paid more property taxes than all of them put together. White's really upset the residents of Benson Road when he told them, "You people don't mean anything to me. You are just 33 votes."

The neighbors asked the Donelson-Hermitage Neighborhood Association to hold a community meeting for them. White left early. One hundred percent of the neighbors were against the commercial rezoning.

White sponsored the bill at Metro Council anyway and tried his best to push it through. The neighbors all came to the council and spoke against it. They submitted a petition with signatures from 100% of the residents in opposition. White ignored them, but Councilman David Briley pointed out a conflict with the SUBAREA PLAN. Briley deferred the bill and asked that it be sent back to the Planning Commission.
The neighborhood is safe for now, but it is safe to say that Harold White is guaranteed to be at least 33 votes short on August 2nd.

Look closely at the picture of the campaign financial disclosure. Councilman Harold White cannot even spell Hermitage correctly.

FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL-Cashing in for Campaign Favors

Odell Binkley was one of the first to cash in for a campaign favor. The campaign contribution limit was $1000, but this Mt. Juliet resident used his realty company to give White a little more money. While neighbors were busy creating the update on the SUBAREA 14 PLAN UPDATE, White was helping Binkley file papers to rezone two lots of residential property to commercial. Binkley got his favor and the lots were rezoned MUL-MIXED USE LIMITED although highly opposed by the people of the community.
Fleetwood residents were concerned that the lot backed up to their playground. Binkley had purchased the lot at the corner of Dodson Chapel and Central Pike where there was always a garden. He bought it from an elderly woman. She did not get what it was worth of course. Then White rezoned it for him, and now it is worth a bundle.
Binkley promised to build a beautiful Williamsburg type Village. Neighbors fear with White in office it will be a TigerMart or another huge medical office building. Right now it is a muddy lot and all of the old trees have been replaced by asphalt.
Binkley has a Harold White sign on every parcel of his property during the 2007 campaign. Wonder what favor he wants next?


Another letter Harold White sent to neighbors while running for Metro Council in Nashville in 2003. Here White tries to cover up the truth that is getting out prior to the election. He writes, "I want to humbly apologize to you for the many negative rumors circulating about my wanting to rezone property and create developments all through our neighborhood..." He goes on to write more about these rumors, "These are shameless, underhanded, scare tactics created to convince you that Harold White is somebody he is not."
The last paragraph sums it up. "You deserve more than just my word on my honesty."
The people of the 14th District of Hermitage and Donelson did deserve more. Too bad they didn't get it. After he was elected, Harold White became just exactly what he had warned the people against. He became shameless, underhanded and the user of scare tactics. Maybe the people should request a Fraud Examiner to investigate him.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

WHITE LIES to the Nashville Neighborhood Alliance

Council candidate Harold White made a lot of promises to the President of the Nashville Neighborhood Alliance, Mr. John Stern, in this letter dated May 29, 2003. White was asked to fill out a candidate survey asking him his viewpoints on issues and what he would issues he would commit to as a candidate. Instead of submitting the questionnaire, White sent Stern this letter. When all was said and done, White broke these promises made during the campaign.
In the fourth paragraph of the letter, White admits to attending rezoning meetings in the past. He just forgot to mention that he argued with neighbors who opposed the rezonings. Here comes the next big lie!! "As a member of the Council, I will always take these matters the highest level of community involvement , and ensure that all people that in every case the majority will rule."
Go to the next paragraph for the next big lie. A big lie. Like in " get struck by lightening" because White made this huge promise and not once delivered. "It is the majority of those opinions I will deliver in the form of the votes I cast in the Council. My votes will always reflect the people's choice and not mine personally." Which people? Do you mean the developers who live out of town, financed your campaign, for whom you continually ignored your constituents?
The Nashville Neighborhood Alliance is made up from neighborhoods all over the city. How soon he would break the promises made to the NNA in this letter. Congratulations Mr. White, you just lied to the whole city in this letter. By the time he was elected, he was already working behind the scenes with developer, campaign contributor and owner of the Hermitage Landfill in a deal to rezone property against the wishes of the people. You know "the people", those neighbors White promised to support.
So many broken promises. So many WHITE LIES. When you break your word and lie to the people over and over, people never trust you again.


Candidate Harold White sent this campaign letter to the residents of Fleetwood in Hermitage during the campaign of 2003. Read the big WHITE LIE in the very first sentence. " (Some have said) that I have plans to attempt to change the zoning of the Brown's Farm Property. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. "
Oh but it was true, White was trying to cover up the truth in order to win the 2003 Metro Council election. He had been seen at community meetings during Councilman Phil Ponder's term and argued publicly in favor of Brown's Farm being developed.
At the time, Harold White was not even part of Ponder's district. He knew that the boundaries of the district were being redrawn for the next term. He was making plans to run for the 14th district council seat. If White did not have plans for Brown's Farm, why was he even in attendance? Could it be the developers that would finance White's 2003 campaign wanted him to get his feet wet?
White goes on to say in his letter to the residents of Fleetwood that "...this is a very tight race and I guess some people are desperate to win and will spread hearsay and untruthful rumors." Was he looking in a mirror as he wrote these lies?
Desperate people like White do tell lies!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The First Lies- Campaign Promises to Break

These were some of Harold White's first lies. The citizens of District 14 received it in the mail during the campaign in 2003. Let's count the lies.

1. LIE -I have lived in District 14 most of my adult life
TRUTH -Bought the lot to build his on Leatherwood Drive in 1994. Where was he before that? Maybe Wilson County or Old Hickory.

TRUTH - White was seen at Brown's Farm (Now Villages of Riverwood) Community Meeting sponsored by then Councilman Phil Ponder yelling at Hermitage citizens that Riverwood was a good thing and they needed this development.

3. LIE- "I pledge to support the wishes of the majority of the homeowners effected by any rezoning decision."
TRUTH- Harold White has never supported the wishes of the majority of homeowners on any rezoning bill. In fact he refused a petition of over 500 signatures of nearby homeowners opposed to the Villages of Riverwood, ignored a petition of 600 residents opposed to Ravenwood, ignored a petition of 100% of the neighbors on Benson Road opposed to commercial encroachment into their neighborhood, and recently ignored a majority of nearby neighbors opposed to a three-story medical office building on Central Pike in Hermitage. Let's not forget the neighbors around McCrory Creek in Donelson and the business park that was shoved down their throats.

4. LIE- "I pledge to hold regularly scheduled quarterly meetings."
TRUTH- With who, the developers? White has never held a quarterly meeting. He refuses to even have community meetings for rezoning proposals.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Check this out.

My wife and the kids moved away from Harold White's district earlier this year. We were tired of his lies, his bullying and the total transformation of the community into whatever his developer friends desired. Even though we are clear from his deceptive, destructive behavior we have neighbors that we left behind that need to know the real truth about Councilman Harold White. This preacher councilman is one of the biggest liers I have ever run across. It is our hope that by reading this and telling your friends that this bum will not be re-elected in August of 2007. It is in your best interest to rid yourself of this guy as quickly as you can.