Friday, July 29, 2011

Trash is Big Business and Big Profits for Odell

Does Odell Binkley's trash have value? Check out this information from regarding the C&D land fill in Hermitage.

C & D Land Fill,
Central Pike Land Fill
3516 Central Pike
Hermitage, TN 37076
Nashville, TN Metro Area

Information not found
(615) 889-2288

About C & D Land Fill
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C & D Land Fill in Hermitage, TN is a private company categorized under Landfills-Sanitary. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $5 to 10 million and employs a staff of approximately 10 to 19.

Business Categories
Landfills-Sanitary in Hermitage, TN
Refuse System
Solid Waste Landfill
Company Contacts

Dale Binkley
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C & D Land Fill Business Information
C & D Land Fill also does business as Central Pike Land Fill .
Location Type
Single Location
Annual Sales (Estimated)
$5 to 10 million
Employees (Estimated)
10 to 19 5
SIC Code
495303, Landfills-Sanitary
562212, Solid Waste Landfill
Products, Services and Brands
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State of Incorporation
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Years in Business 9

That's between 45 and 90 million dollars for garbage in less than 10 years. How much more could one man want?

After Slanderous Ad from Binkley, Facebook Friends Disappear

When I got that first contact about Binkley's close connection with candidate Bob Budesa, I started doing a little internet searching. Robert J. Budesa had Odell Binkley listed as a friend on the public part of his facebook page. I thought that was a little too cozy. Then I found Budesa on Odell's page.

After the attack ad on Stanley came out yesterday, I decided to search those two facebook pages again. Like magic, both Budesa and Binkley had removed the public part of their facebook pages. they were blank. In the middle of this almost blank page sat Budesa leaning back in his chair with this almost evil grin. I should have copied the page that linked them together long before now. Now they were in hiding until after the election.

Until I visited the cached connection and low and behold there was Odell Binkley on Bob Budesa's facebook page. His head is a little cut off, but you can plainly see his name.

Facebook friends, political allies, working secretly for more garbage in Hermitage. There is a lot of money in garbage. If Odell can afford to sue Nashville twice, he can afford to suppport his own candidate for council.

Did you know that Binkley was denied the right for a waste transfer station in the heart of Mt. Juliet too? They had him figured out long ago.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Personal Attacks on Councilman Stanley

The July 28th addition of the NewsHerald featured a second ad paid for by Odell Binkley, Founder of the C&D Landfill Ministries. This one personally attacks Councilman Bruce Stanley. It is titled, "14th District- Why Bruce?"

Odell discredits all of Stanley's endorsements mentioned in his positively stated ad in the NewsHerald. He finds it strange that no organization from Donelson/Hermitage endorse him.

Just what organizations can make endorsements Odell? Are you so stupid to realize that schools, churches, and neighborhood groups cannot make endorsements because of their tax status? Who is left but the Donelson/Hermitage Chamber that you and West Nashville resident and business owner Floyd Shechter control. People who don't live in the community control that chamber with their money.

Odell asks if he has health problems that causes him to leave the chambers. Has he ever watched quadripalegic councilman Darren Jernigan leave the chambers. His colostomy bag fills up. Have you heard about ADA and IDEA? Aren't you and Phil Ponder both a cancer survivors Odell? Have you ever left when you didn't feel well? PLEASE- we are human beings, not robots programmed to do your dirty work.

The ad goes on to say, "Is his statement and attitude that there will be no zoning changes in Donelson/Hermitage good for the District?" I have never heard Stanley or met anyone who has heard Stanley say those words. It is not on his website.

What he has always said is that he would hold a community meeting regarding the zone change to address citizen concerns. That's part of his job as a responsible elected official. He serves the people that elected him. Too bad Harold White never did that.

Then Odell brings up properties owned by he and Floyd Schecter, some $20 million of new structures on Central Pike all paid for with the profits of garbage that makes ugly mountains that contribute to flooding. The American Legion headquarters are in a commercial district in Claiborne's district. It needed to be in a commercial site next to Post 88. As for renewal of Donelson Plaza, most don't consider a thrift store great renewal.

The ad finishes by saying, Zoning changes are absolutely necessary for progress. Without progress we are like the many possums we see dead in the middle of the road. Why, you say? They stopped moving. Well Odell, the only possums the people of Hermitage see dead are those killed by all of those big trucks coming to your landfill. Hermitage people see a near empty three-story medical building in the center of a residential area slammed through by Harold White. They see more traffic from Riverwood where 2000 units will be built on 200 acres, also slammed through by Harold White. They see the next section 8 housing in Riverwood because they are so tiny and close together.

They also see a preserved stone cottage that is now a hairstylists shop thanks to a neighborhood overlay from Councilman Stanley. They see a neighborhood office center near Fleetwood, because of smart growth led by Councilman Stanley. And soon they will see the Buchanan Point Office Complex in Donelson, designed by citizens, Stanley, and the developer working together.

Thankfully, what they don't see are rats, snakes, and blowing trash from trucks. What they don't smell is exhaust from lines of big trucks or odors of decaying garbage sitting in a waste transfer station. They can walk or ride the greenway in peace and quiet and smell the flowers. They can sit out in the yard and barbecue and not smell garbage or hear garbage trucks. People from everywhere can shop at Target, Kohl's and Marshall's can get out of the car and go into the car without gagging or holding their nose.

So the answer to the question 14TH DISTRICT --WHY BRUCE?
Because Bruce supports the people and will not sell his soul or his district for your garbage!!

PS- Binkley do you think there is community pride in using a so-called Ministry to personally attack an elected official who is doing his job? Not very Godlike Odell.

The Anonymous Person Searching for a Patriot Exposes Himself

My email box was packed by the time I left the office. What was going on?

The News Herald had come out and now had two ads from Odell Binkley supporting Budesa. They were being paid for by Odell Binkley, founder of the C&D Ministries. It starts off, "ARE YOU A PATRIOT OF THE 14TH DISTRICT" Haven't we seen that somewhere before? These are the same words as the anonymous letter from a group that did not exist. It was Odell Binkley. I did smell a rat!

The ad states that we need a more effective councilman than we presently have, How can Binkley say that when he lives in Mt. Juliet? He doesn't have a councilman here. Then why does he vote here? Is this illegal?

We need a business-minded person who believes in progress, it states.

Didn't Stanley recommend and the council pass a huge business park in Donelson that will bring hundreds of jobs to the community? It is called Buchanan Point and is owned by Bert Mathews, one of the largest developers in the city of Nashville. How can Stanley be accused of being against development or business? That was huge. Did he disapprove any development in that district? No. So what is Odell's beef?

Odell goes on to state, The 14th District needs some new blood.

What he really means is he needs someone who will give him the approval for some new garbage.

OOdell, do patriots lie to get their way? Are they deceiptful?

Bob, if you are a patriot do you approve of Odell's dishonesty and anonymous letter that uses a fake name and fake committee? How could you be trusted if elected? I think you are just a skinny version of Harold White. Where does Odell find these people?

True patriots do not act like that gentlemen! I know some true patriots, and you guys are no patriots.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Connections Making Sense - Budesa now cannot decide

It is all starting to make sense. Apparently Budesa, now beholden to his campaign financing giant Odell Binkley, has changed his position on the Waste Transfer Station. Someone who attended the DHNA election forum where the candidates had to answer questions says that Budesa told a lady in her Sunday School class that he no longer thinks he has enough information to make an informed decision about the Waste Transfer Station. At the forum Budesa told the audience that he was not in favor of the Waste Transfer Station.

He told a crowd that he was opposed. He told an individual he doesn't have enough information. Has he flipped his decision or has Odell told him this was how it was going to be?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21 -Odell Binkley pays for Half Page Ad in Local Newspaper Himself

About two weeks had past and this time I got a call from my friend. They were concerned that an advertisement in the local paper supporting this unheard of guy Bob Budesa had been paid for by Odell Binkley.

My friends had followed Binkley's attempt to get what is called a WASTE TRANSFER STATION at his construction dump site. Appearently it is filling up and he needs another way to use garbage to make money. He just sits there and people bring him trash and he charges them. It pollutes the land near the river, is an eyesore to the people who live there, and the people who live close say there is dumping in the middle of the night. There is no telling what is buried there.

The councilman Mr. Stanley had a meeting, the people were angry and didn't want the waste transfer station. Stanley did not support it at the council meeting so Binkley didn't get his waste transfer station. I found out that a WTS is a place where garbage from everywhere is brought to a single location and dumped out. Then it gets scraped and smashed into another big container and hauled off by a tractor trailer truck. Websites say they attract garbage gulls, rats, varmits, that it smells, and trash blows off of the trucks all over the road.

After the council meeting, Odell Binkley took the city of Nashville to court twice to try and get his WTS. He lost both times. His plan now was to buy him a candidate. He couldn't buy Stanley. White was old and out of the picture, so Binkley recruits Robert J. Budesa. Budesa would be his man and vote to approve more garbage.

I must admit, the ad is odd. It states that Budesa has met a payroll several times. It doesn't say that he went bankrupt and lost his business.

Advertising Review
BBB has nothing to report concerning Hermitage Collision Group's advertising at this time.
What is BBB Advertising Review?
Out of Business
It appears that this business is no longer in business
Additional Information

On March 04, 2011, the company filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the federal Bankruptcy Act, case number 3:11-bk-02237.

Those with monetary claims against the company are advised to obtain a Proof of Claim form by writing to Tennessee Middle Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF, 701 Broadway Room 170, Nashville, TN, 37203 for resubmission to that court.

The case number should be entered on the form.BBB file opened: 07/21/1993Business started: 08/01/1997
Type of Entity
Sole Proprietor
Contact InformationPrimary Contact: Mr. Robert J. Budesa (Owner)
Business Category
Auto Body Repair & Painting
Products & Services
The company offers paint and body repair services.
Alternate Business Names Hermitage Paint & Body

It also states he is a man who values the district above his own desires. What in the world does that mean? He thinks more garbage would be good for the district? He doesn't have a clue who Odell really is?

Word on the street is he has been at the Hermitage library a lot during early voting. When does he work? Who is paying his bills? Odell under the table?

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Candidate Still Under Odell's Control

The past four years with my wife and kids has been peaceful and quiet. Then I hear from my friends in Hermitage that the same old stuff is happening again in the local election. In 2007, construction dump owner Odell Binkley had bought himself a candidate. His name was Harold White. He is the reason I started this blog in the first place. Thankfully he was defeated and all has been calm in that area.

Odell Binkley, a good old boy from Mt. Juliet is doing it again. He has bought him another candidate to get his way and hold control over the Donelson and Hermitage communities. The new candidate is Robert Budesa. When I googled him I found where his company Hermitage Collision had gone bankrupt earlier this year. I also ran across his facebook page. Guess who was right there as his friend? Yep, Odell. Budesa's campaign finance disclosure lists Odell Binkley and West Nashvillian Floyd Shechter as his donors.

Binkley is owner of the construction landfill right there on Stones River. He calls it a C&D landfill. All I know is he made several big ugly mountains of construction garbage and there is no telling what is seeping into the river and right into Nashville's drinking water.

I am still close to my Hermitage friends and neighbors and I got an email from one of them with a copy of this anonymous campaign letter supporting Budesa. He is running against neighborhood friendly candidate Bruce Stanley. He knew I would be interested.

The campaign brochure was odd was just a white sheet of paper and it said it came from the Donelson Hermitage Concerned Citizens Committee. What is that? I have never heard of that and it was nowhere on the web said my friend. And who is P. Douglas Johnson? Another Davidson County property search turned up nothing on Johnson. I had a feeling that he did not exist.

I smelled a rat. It was either Harold White, Odell Binkley, or developer Chris Pardue. Whoever it was they didn't spell Budesa's name right. The brochure led off with the words ARE YOU A PATRIOT OF THE 14TH DISTRICT? See for yourself