Friday, July 29, 2011

After Slanderous Ad from Binkley, Facebook Friends Disappear

When I got that first contact about Binkley's close connection with candidate Bob Budesa, I started doing a little internet searching. Robert J. Budesa had Odell Binkley listed as a friend on the public part of his facebook page. I thought that was a little too cozy. Then I found Budesa on Odell's page.

After the attack ad on Stanley came out yesterday, I decided to search those two facebook pages again. Like magic, both Budesa and Binkley had removed the public part of their facebook pages. they were blank. In the middle of this almost blank page sat Budesa leaning back in his chair with this almost evil grin. I should have copied the page that linked them together long before now. Now they were in hiding until after the election.

Until I visited the cached connection and low and behold there was Odell Binkley on Bob Budesa's facebook page. His head is a little cut off, but you can plainly see his name.

Facebook friends, political allies, working secretly for more garbage in Hermitage. There is a lot of money in garbage. If Odell can afford to sue Nashville twice, he can afford to suppport his own candidate for council.

Did you know that Binkley was denied the right for a waste transfer station in the heart of Mt. Juliet too? They had him figured out long ago.