Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Anonymous Person Searching for a Patriot Exposes Himself

My email box was packed by the time I left the office. What was going on?

The News Herald had come out and now had two ads from Odell Binkley supporting Budesa. They were being paid for by Odell Binkley, founder of the C&D Ministries. It starts off, "ARE YOU A PATRIOT OF THE 14TH DISTRICT" Haven't we seen that somewhere before? These are the same words as the anonymous letter from a group that did not exist. It was Odell Binkley. I did smell a rat!

The ad states that we need a more effective councilman than we presently have, How can Binkley say that when he lives in Mt. Juliet? He doesn't have a councilman here. Then why does he vote here? Is this illegal?

We need a business-minded person who believes in progress, it states.

Didn't Stanley recommend and the council pass a huge business park in Donelson that will bring hundreds of jobs to the community? It is called Buchanan Point and is owned by Bert Mathews, one of the largest developers in the city of Nashville. How can Stanley be accused of being against development or business? That was huge. Did he disapprove any development in that district? No. So what is Odell's beef?

Odell goes on to state, The 14th District needs some new blood.

What he really means is he needs someone who will give him the approval for some new garbage.

OOdell, do patriots lie to get their way? Are they deceiptful?

Bob, if you are a patriot do you approve of Odell's dishonesty and anonymous letter that uses a fake name and fake committee? How could you be trusted if elected? I think you are just a skinny version of Harold White. Where does Odell find these people?

True patriots do not act like that gentlemen! I know some true patriots, and you guys are no patriots.