Thursday, July 28, 2011

Personal Attacks on Councilman Stanley

The July 28th addition of the NewsHerald featured a second ad paid for by Odell Binkley, Founder of the C&D Landfill Ministries. This one personally attacks Councilman Bruce Stanley. It is titled, "14th District- Why Bruce?"

Odell discredits all of Stanley's endorsements mentioned in his positively stated ad in the NewsHerald. He finds it strange that no organization from Donelson/Hermitage endorse him.

Just what organizations can make endorsements Odell? Are you so stupid to realize that schools, churches, and neighborhood groups cannot make endorsements because of their tax status? Who is left but the Donelson/Hermitage Chamber that you and West Nashville resident and business owner Floyd Shechter control. People who don't live in the community control that chamber with their money.

Odell asks if he has health problems that causes him to leave the chambers. Has he ever watched quadripalegic councilman Darren Jernigan leave the chambers. His colostomy bag fills up. Have you heard about ADA and IDEA? Aren't you and Phil Ponder both a cancer survivors Odell? Have you ever left when you didn't feel well? PLEASE- we are human beings, not robots programmed to do your dirty work.

The ad goes on to say, "Is his statement and attitude that there will be no zoning changes in Donelson/Hermitage good for the District?" I have never heard Stanley or met anyone who has heard Stanley say those words. It is not on his website.

What he has always said is that he would hold a community meeting regarding the zone change to address citizen concerns. That's part of his job as a responsible elected official. He serves the people that elected him. Too bad Harold White never did that.

Then Odell brings up properties owned by he and Floyd Schecter, some $20 million of new structures on Central Pike all paid for with the profits of garbage that makes ugly mountains that contribute to flooding. The American Legion headquarters are in a commercial district in Claiborne's district. It needed to be in a commercial site next to Post 88. As for renewal of Donelson Plaza, most don't consider a thrift store great renewal.

The ad finishes by saying, Zoning changes are absolutely necessary for progress. Without progress we are like the many possums we see dead in the middle of the road. Why, you say? They stopped moving. Well Odell, the only possums the people of Hermitage see dead are those killed by all of those big trucks coming to your landfill. Hermitage people see a near empty three-story medical building in the center of a residential area slammed through by Harold White. They see more traffic from Riverwood where 2000 units will be built on 200 acres, also slammed through by Harold White. They see the next section 8 housing in Riverwood because they are so tiny and close together.

They also see a preserved stone cottage that is now a hairstylists shop thanks to a neighborhood overlay from Councilman Stanley. They see a neighborhood office center near Fleetwood, because of smart growth led by Councilman Stanley. And soon they will see the Buchanan Point Office Complex in Donelson, designed by citizens, Stanley, and the developer working together.

Thankfully, what they don't see are rats, snakes, and blowing trash from trucks. What they don't smell is exhaust from lines of big trucks or odors of decaying garbage sitting in a waste transfer station. They can walk or ride the greenway in peace and quiet and smell the flowers. They can sit out in the yard and barbecue and not smell garbage or hear garbage trucks. People from everywhere can shop at Target, Kohl's and Marshall's can get out of the car and go into the car without gagging or holding their nose.

So the answer to the question 14TH DISTRICT --WHY BRUCE?
Because Bruce supports the people and will not sell his soul or his district for your garbage!!

PS- Binkley do you think there is community pride in using a so-called Ministry to personally attack an elected official who is doing his job? Not very Godlike Odell.