Saturday, July 28, 2007


Councilman Harold White of Donelson has sold out his district to developers. Above is part 2 of 3 campaign finance disclosures that candidates must file during an election. The money that he wants to hide is yet to come in part 3.
If you will notice, not a single campaign contribution came from anyone who lives in Harold White's district. The Lo Jac address is in the district, but this man does not live at the quarry. Odell Binkley's relatives do not live in the county. Neither does Odell, but he is registered to vote at his office building on Central Pike. This owner of the Hermitage dump and half of Central Pike lives in Mt. Juliet. Hoyt Eakes lives in district 15 on a farm between the controversial Cumberland Yacht Marina (yet to be built) and Gaylord along the Cumberland River.
The most troubling contributions come from all of these developers, real estate agents and homebuilders groups. Harold White has just sold out his district to developers for an upcoming term that we hope he will not have an opportunity to participate in.
People who live in Stanford Estates, Cliffdale and along Benson Road better look out because many of these contributors can be directly tied to the Music City Celebration development proposed for the 600 acres in the bend of the Stones River that Harold White swore he would never approve (he has lied many times before). That article appeared in the Tennessean recently. This proposal includes hotels, amusement park, amphitheatre, time-shares, condos, marina and docks, etc.
The traffic generated by such a development would destroy Donelson and Hermitage. White does not care. He has tricked all of his elderly residents into thinking he is a good man who donates money to their senior center. They will not even be able to get to the senior center with the traffic that this project will generate. All of Donelson Pike on the east side will be rezoned commercial and life as you know it in Donelson will cease to exist. Will White remain in Donelson or will he mysteriously disappear into a nice expensive home somewhere else after his term on the council is finished?
The folks along Central Pike will be consumed by high rise medical builings. Residents in Hermitage Hills will have more traffic than they know what to do with when the 280 acre farm behind Hermitage Elementary is developed and all of the traffic is routed through their neighborhood. And folks along McCrory Creek will be flooded with more water and traffic.
Harold White is nothing more than a lobbyist for developers on the taxpayers dime. He sells his services to the highest bidder. On the streets similar jobs are found on Dickerson Road.
Harold White is a fraud and the sorriest excuse for a councilman that ever lived in Nashville. Let's hope that the voters of district 14 will go to the polls and vote him into unemployment. If they allow him to be re-elected they deserve what they get. If he wins the smart people will rent a UHAUL and get the heck out of the county while there is still room on the road to put their car.

Harold White is such a SELLOUT!!