Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Full Color Two-Sided Lie- Last Ditch Attempt to Deceive the People

Here it is-the last ditch effort to deceive the people of the 14th district with more of Harold White's lies. The first thing that we notice is Harold White in his clean shirt and pants pictured with a group of folks who have been hard at work cleaning up trash. Why is White not helping to clean up? Because he just showed up for the photo op. This group of neighbors behind Hermitage Hills Baptist Church has been plagued with crime and vandalism. As election time neared, White decided to get cozy with them. He also has a huge retail development being put in right behind their homes. If they think crime is bad now, just wait. White ran this same picture in the News Herald to try and deceive people that he was helping neighbors. This man is so anti-neighbor and anti-neighborhood that is not even funny. Let's hope these nice neighbors were not completely deceived. White should probably have stayed home and cleaned the junk from his own back yard. According to reports from his neighbors, they have called the Codes department about the mess several times. Strangely, Codes department never comes to investigate.
His true alliance is with his developer buddies pictured with the bulldozer. If Harold White is re-elected there will be nothing left green standing in the community except the developer's money. His allegiance is and allows has been for developers, not constituents. He stands up alongside developers, not the people of his district.
See White is cozy with the firefighters too because they gave him money. Sounds like one of his partners in crime Buck Dozier had something to do with that. Harold claims that he was once a fireman. Word on the street is it was a volunteer fire fighter job that lasted 6 months when he was young and he drank all of the time. What did White ever do for firefighters?
Harold White at a school assembly. Perhaps he is there taking credit for something else that he did not do. Would a teacher at the school please educate White about honesty and how to pronounce the word library? He continues to say Li-Berry and illustrate his ignorance.

The back of the mailer is a laundry list of MORE WHITE LIES! All of these so called donations came from taxpayer money in the form of discretionary funds that were meant for infrastructure. White and this Council used the funds to buy votes by giving to non-profits. It is all taxpayer money. Not a dime came from White. There is no donation here.
The situation with the Hermitage Elementary playground is still very fishy. It is not called Hermitage Hills Elementary as it is printed on the mailer. Guess that goes to show how familiar White is with that part of Hermitage. The all plastic and steel playground mysteriously burned one evening. Ironically, an old wooden playground right beside it was not touched, nor was a large plastic and steel playground put up by Metro Parks. The playground that burned had been built by the PTO in honor of longtime teacher Rosemary Stanley (mother of White's opponent in the 1999 and 2007 council elections). A heavy accelerant had to be used to start this fire. Many in the Hermitage Hills neighborhood believe that Harold White and his developer friends had something to do with starting the fire. If kids had been the culprits, they would have burned the wooden playground. It would have been very easy to get a fire started to that playground. Before word even reached the neighborhood, Odell Binkley was in the news raising money to replace it. Binkley and Chris Pardue chipped in with the money. Remember Pardue is the developer for the Villages of Riverwood that White rezoned for him against the wishes of 500 neighbors. Binkley wants the 280 acre farm behind Hermitage School. People believe that White and his developer friends had the playground equipment destroyed so that they could come to the rescue and save the day. They would be the heroes and protect the children and Mrs. Stanley's legacy. After screwing over the people of Hermitage with unwanted controversial rezonings, White and his developers were trying to get back into the good graces of the neighbors. No police investigation was ever conducted about the arson. White personally did not contribute a dime.
Developers gave the money for the Ruby Majors playground too. Odell Binkley made sure that his picture was in the News Herald sitting right on the front row of the dedication. This cash donation may actually have been in lieu of a required donation of land for a school.
Harold White claims to have also helped produce the Greenways Park on Stones River Road. In 2004, Harold White and Councilman-at-Large Buck Dozier sponsored a community meeting (1 day notice) where White was supporting a retail development at this site. He wanted to destroy the old Stone Hall and build a strip mall. Luckily that fell through. Metro Parks and Greenways staff made the greenways deal happen and preserved Stone Hall and Eversong Cabin. All Harold White did was sign his name to accept the money from the city because it was in his district. The new Stones River Bridge is in his district too. Before he tells you that he was responsible for that, be assured that he has nothing to do with it.
White is pictured here with Mayor Purcell. Another photo op. (Why does he have his arm around David Briley?) And White receiving an award for giving $40,000 of your tax dollars to the Senior Citizen Center and calling it a donation. What a farce!!
Harold White calls it progress. Developers call it cash. Constituents call it lack of representation. Harold White has lied before and he will again. I am not sure he knows how to do anything else. He has fought against neighbors, instead of for neighbors. He has betrayed his constituency and has tricked the elderly and the non educated into believing that because he is a pastor, he is a good person. Nothing could be further from the truth.
If White is elected, Lebanon Road from the bridge to the YMCA will become commercial. It will be another Gallatin Road. Hermitage will become another Antioch and Donelson will have so much trafic from the development of the 600 acres in the bend of the Stones River that the elderly will not be able to get to the senior citizen center. Traffic and schools will be even more over burdened. How about revitalizing the abandoned commercial spaces before he destroys any more homes or trees? What roads did he improve? Name more than one neighborhood watch that he worked with. All neighbors continually talk about is how he works against them and lies to them as he supports developer.
And as for drugs, there has been more drug activity in the 14th district in the past four years than ever before. Just last week, the undercover unit of the Metro Police were all over the yard and house on Bonnacreek Drive in Hermitage Hills. In the front yard sat a big yellow Harold White sign behind a new guard rail installed for them by White. That's not exactly what I call Progress.
Let's hope that on August 2nd the voters send him packing!!