Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Man Who Owns The Dump Tries to Deceive Folks Too

Odell Binkley, who owns the Hermitage Dump (C&D Landfill) and much of the property on Central Pike where Harold White has his yellow signs, ran an ad in the News Herald on July 12, 2007 in an attempt to help Harold White to deceive the people. Once we check the financial disclosures for the election, we will probably discover that Odell Binkley gave his personal limit of $1000 and then used his businesses to donate more. Now he has taken out an ad with his own money and slipped around another campaign finance law.
Since Odell Binkley lives in Mt. Juliet, yet is registered to vote in Hermitage (a clear violation of the law), how would he be privy to all of this information? Binkley is one of the puppeteers who pulls the strings of Harold White (and probably lines his pockets as well).
Let's go down the list again... Donelson/Hermitage Senior Center Picnic Pavillion -$20,000 -(Metro Tax Dollars from Infrastructure Deficiency Funds and Binkley's cash donation for a tax write-off from his huge profits at the DUMP).
Hermitage Elementary School/Rosemary Stanley Playground equipment-$10,000 this money was promised Hermitage Elementary by Odell Binkley and Chris Pardue developer friends of Harold White (who are already raking in huge profits from White's rezonings for them) who had their picture published in the News Herald with Harold White for the check they were going to donate. The whole thing was just a little too convenient. Odell Binkley and Harold White continue to mention Rosemary Stanley's name. Rosemary, beloved teacher at Hermitage for 35 years (53 total years) is the mother of Bruce Stanley, former councilman who is running against White in the 2007 election.
Ruby Majors Elementary Playground (Jim Gotto's district) $5000-Odell and his developer friends also gave money for this playground. Developers are required by Metro Planning to donate either land for a school or cut a deal with the School Board for a donation in order to receive the rezoning. Odell sat right up front at the ribbon cutting and then submitted the picture to the News Herald to show the community how great he was. Harold White was no where to be seen.
Donelson/Hermitage Senior Center for the Arts-$40,000-Wonder why Councilman White never called constituents back to help them with problems concerning infrastructure? It is because he spent $40,000 of his $48,000 for infrastructure deficiencies on the Senior Center. This is a very worth cause, but knowing that the Senior Center just received a million dollar grant and that there are so many other problems in district 14- spending such a large sum appears to be an attempt to buy the senior vote.
The Hermitage -Roof Repair $7,500- More infrastructure money from taxpayers. I guess Harold White probably also climbed up and repaired the roof himself-YEAH RIGHT?
Eldon Ct- $30,000 for a storm ditch, walls, etc.- One of two neighbors who gave money to White for his 2003 campaign lives on Eldon Ct. Boy did he cash in!!
Traffic light at McCampbell and Stewarts Ferry- Actually Councilman Stanley secured that right before he left office. Harold White decided to take credit for it.
Traffic light at Central Pike and Dodson Chapel- Has Councilman White forgotten about signing the bill where he accepted money from the developer of the Villages of Riverwood Chris Pardue to pay for this light? Another requirement from Metro Planning in order to rezone 200 acres on two- lane Dodson Chapel Road for 2000 units. This one traffic light and that tiny turn lane will not help when 4000 cars are coming in and out of the Villages of Riverwood. Guess you didn't care about that did you Harold?
Traffic light at Donelson Pike and Lakeland- Required to be funded by developers after J.B.Loring went crazy and started rezoning commercial all of Donelson Pike on the District 15 side. If White is elected, all of the 14th District side will be commercial in the next four years.
Flood Control on Boulder Park- They are still mad at Harold for his rezoning for the McCrory Creek Office Park that they opposed and will dump tons of cut-through traffic down their streets.
Sidewalk installation on Bluebrick, Donelsonwood, and Lebanon Road- Donelsonwood Drive is a solitary road that dead ends behind Donelson Middle School. There is no traffic on this road and residents are upset and didn't want the sidewalks because they take so much of their yard and go nowhere. Bluebrick-the same. Lebanon Road-developers required to put in the sidewalks and TDOT. Not a Metro Road Harold.
Sewer and water project for Hermitage Hills-Where? Residents contacted knew nothing about it. Resident who supported Harold in 2003 did receive a nice new concrete ditch behind his home.
Neighborhood Watch in Baltics Heights- This group called the Baltic Bunch was already established and complained of rising crime ,vandalism and unreturned calls from Councilman White.
Greenways Park on Stones River Road- Secured as part of Metro Parks and Greenways by staff member Shain Dennison by writing numerous grants that were matched by Parks money. In 2004, Harold White supported a developer's concept to bulldoze the place and build a shopping mall as part of the original Ravenwood Project. After purchasing Stone Hall, Greenways then sold Eddie Phillips an easement through the side of the property not on the river to gain access to the Ravenwood Development. The Ravenwood development was rezoned by Harold White against a petition of 600 neighbors from Hermitage Hills and Stones River Estates.
As you can see, Harold White is a councilman who takes credit for other people's work in order to try and gain votes. He is the best person to represent Odell Binkley because Harold will do whatever Binkley asks him to do. All of the rest of the developers too. That's why developers say that "Harold White is the best councilman money can buy!"
Harold White-Right for Developers-Wrong for Constituents!!

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