Thursday, June 21, 2007

WHITE LIES to the Nashville Neighborhood Alliance

Council candidate Harold White made a lot of promises to the President of the Nashville Neighborhood Alliance, Mr. John Stern, in this letter dated May 29, 2003. White was asked to fill out a candidate survey asking him his viewpoints on issues and what he would issues he would commit to as a candidate. Instead of submitting the questionnaire, White sent Stern this letter. When all was said and done, White broke these promises made during the campaign.
In the fourth paragraph of the letter, White admits to attending rezoning meetings in the past. He just forgot to mention that he argued with neighbors who opposed the rezonings. Here comes the next big lie!! "As a member of the Council, I will always take these matters the highest level of community involvement , and ensure that all people that in every case the majority will rule."
Go to the next paragraph for the next big lie. A big lie. Like in " get struck by lightening" because White made this huge promise and not once delivered. "It is the majority of those opinions I will deliver in the form of the votes I cast in the Council. My votes will always reflect the people's choice and not mine personally." Which people? Do you mean the developers who live out of town, financed your campaign, for whom you continually ignored your constituents?
The Nashville Neighborhood Alliance is made up from neighborhoods all over the city. How soon he would break the promises made to the NNA in this letter. Congratulations Mr. White, you just lied to the whole city in this letter. By the time he was elected, he was already working behind the scenes with developer, campaign contributor and owner of the Hermitage Landfill in a deal to rezone property against the wishes of the people. You know "the people", those neighbors White promised to support.
So many broken promises. So many WHITE LIES. When you break your word and lie to the people over and over, people never trust you again.

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