Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The First Lies- Campaign Promises to Break

These were some of Harold White's first lies. The citizens of District 14 received it in the mail during the campaign in 2003. Let's count the lies.

1. LIE -I have lived in District 14 most of my adult life
TRUTH -Bought the lot to build his on Leatherwood Drive in 1994. Where was he before that? Maybe Wilson County or Old Hickory.

TRUTH - White was seen at Brown's Farm (Now Villages of Riverwood) Community Meeting sponsored by then Councilman Phil Ponder yelling at Hermitage citizens that Riverwood was a good thing and they needed this development.

3. LIE- "I pledge to support the wishes of the majority of the homeowners effected by any rezoning decision."
TRUTH- Harold White has never supported the wishes of the majority of homeowners on any rezoning bill. In fact he refused a petition of over 500 signatures of nearby homeowners opposed to the Villages of Riverwood, ignored a petition of 600 residents opposed to Ravenwood, ignored a petition of 100% of the neighbors on Benson Road opposed to commercial encroachment into their neighborhood, and recently ignored a majority of nearby neighbors opposed to a three-story medical office building on Central Pike in Hermitage. Let's not forget the neighbors around McCrory Creek in Donelson and the business park that was shoved down their throats.

4. LIE- "I pledge to hold regularly scheduled quarterly meetings."
TRUTH- With who, the developers? White has never held a quarterly meeting. He refuses to even have community meetings for rezoning proposals.

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