Thursday, June 21, 2007


Candidate Harold White sent this campaign letter to the residents of Fleetwood in Hermitage during the campaign of 2003. Read the big WHITE LIE in the very first sentence. " (Some have said) that I have plans to attempt to change the zoning of the Brown's Farm Property. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. "
Oh but it was true, White was trying to cover up the truth in order to win the 2003 Metro Council election. He had been seen at community meetings during Councilman Phil Ponder's term and argued publicly in favor of Brown's Farm being developed.
At the time, Harold White was not even part of Ponder's district. He knew that the boundaries of the district were being redrawn for the next term. He was making plans to run for the 14th district council seat. If White did not have plans for Brown's Farm, why was he even in attendance? Could it be the developers that would finance White's 2003 campaign wanted him to get his feet wet?
White goes on to say in his letter to the residents of Fleetwood that "...this is a very tight race and I guess some people are desperate to win and will spread hearsay and untruthful rumors." Was he looking in a mirror as he wrote these lies?
Desperate people like White do tell lies!!

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