Friday, June 22, 2007

FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL-Cashing in for Campaign Favors

Odell Binkley was one of the first to cash in for a campaign favor. The campaign contribution limit was $1000, but this Mt. Juliet resident used his realty company to give White a little more money. While neighbors were busy creating the update on the SUBAREA 14 PLAN UPDATE, White was helping Binkley file papers to rezone two lots of residential property to commercial. Binkley got his favor and the lots were rezoned MUL-MIXED USE LIMITED although highly opposed by the people of the community.
Fleetwood residents were concerned that the lot backed up to their playground. Binkley had purchased the lot at the corner of Dodson Chapel and Central Pike where there was always a garden. He bought it from an elderly woman. She did not get what it was worth of course. Then White rezoned it for him, and now it is worth a bundle.
Binkley promised to build a beautiful Williamsburg type Village. Neighbors fear with White in office it will be a TigerMart or another huge medical office building. Right now it is a muddy lot and all of the old trees have been replaced by asphalt.
Binkley has a Harold White sign on every parcel of his property during the 2007 campaign. Wonder what favor he wants next?

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